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Company profile

SFOUR has been in the self-service systems market for over 12 years. We develop, manufacture and introduce comprehensive solutions on the basis of self-checkout terminals.

To date, we have a team of highly skilled designers and engineers who provide a full cycle of product development and production.

SFOUR key principles

  • Partnership
  • Specialization
  • High quality

We develop self-service solutions for various business sectors.

Solutions offered

  • Payment terminals
  • ATMs and VTMs
  • Deposit machines
  • Ticket terminals
  • Information kiosks
  • Queue management systems
  • SIM-cards and credit cards issuing machines
  • Smart safes and automatic collection terminals
  • Automatic tellers

Services offered

  • Integrated projects for self-service systems
  • Tailored solutions
  • Software development and adaptation
  • After-sales service and technical support for introduced solutions

Clients and projects

SFOUR has implemented more than 300 projects for integrated self-service solutions in banks and financial institutions: Sberbank, RosEuroBank, Transcapitalbank, Moscomprivatbank, Orient Express Bank, and many others. SFOUR clients also include the largest terminal networks (Sprintnet, Novoplat, Kiberkassa and others) and system integrators (IT, Croc Systematic).

SFOUR solutions are implemented across Russia and the CIS countries, Eastern Europe and Asia.

SFOUR company was certified for ISO 9001 support.

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