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SFOUR works

SFOUR develops

Company's accumulated experience allows developing and introducing terminal solutions in shortest terms, and these solutions possess principally new abilities.

SFOUR always analyses tendencies of retail market and is always one of those who’s first to offer new solutions for self-service terminals, able to satisfy appearing customers’ request on retail services.

SFOUR is one of those few companies to have pleasure in participating in innovating projects implying development of unique equipment and exclusive capability.

SFOUR beliefs, that engineering development is one of the main priorities, which is necessary term for economical and continuous terminals’ operation. All this reflects in utilizing reliable components, thorough designers’ technical aspects development, and system application of QA procedure at the place of production. Such an approach allows company’s clients reducing total operating cost during terminals’ life history.

SFOUR regards the cost of the total life history starting from development and further – all the operation cycle, modernization and renovation. Such an approach is aimed to reduce terminals’ total cost – this is the area, where the company leads.

SFOUR produces

From the first days of its existence SFOUR pays much attention to operational process of industrial activity organization. The work within the company’s production is based on permanent cooperation between designers and engineers. Today’s company production means production of the whole cycle, starting from rough copy of a terminal and finishing with end product packing. Equipment configuration used in company’s production system is optimal for execution of the whole operational cycle of metal components production, plastic details production, stamped components and glass elements production.

SFOUR serves

The company’s policy implies organization of post sales terminals’ maintenance not regarding the client’s location. Company’s maintenance department is ready to execute any type of maintenance not regarding the distance from the place of installation. One of the main priorities is reduction of the period of equipment inactivity. To achieve these aims maintenance department possesses sufficient number of qualified repairers; permanently resupplied components warehouse, and is mobile within CIS.

SFOUR modernizes

During the operational process of self-service terminals there are frequent additional options for economic indicators increase while utilizing terminal’s extended functions. In such a situation it’s rational to conduct equipment modernization, increasing the terminal capacity till needed parameters, conducting software modernization, adding additional technical devices. SFOUR executes comprehensive programs of terminals modernization, including project development of extension and renovation of functional possibilities of terminals, conduction of works and implementation.

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