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Sale of gift cards with on-line activation 

Would you like buyers to line up for your gift cards? Would you like to stand out sharply against the competition? Today, it is easier to solve both these problems than to finish reading the text to the end. You need just one tool! What is it all about? It is the card selling terminal Yason with the feature of selling prepaid bank cards. It is comparable to conventional vending machines by its size. At the same time Yason has the following advantages:
  • Capacity of up to 300 cards of 16 types, 
  • Equipped with a unique system of online gift card activation only after the money are entered, 
  • Produces the great WOW effect on buyers by its unusual technical features,
  • Operates completely independently and only requires access to electricity, 
  • Open 24 hours a day, replacing three employees working in shifts, 
  • Serves as your additional advertising channel, 
  • Helps you to increase sales of gift cards and step forward from your competitors.

How does it work? 

For example, someone needs to urgently buy a gift and has no time left for searching. They just come up to Yason terminal, select a suitable card, decide on the amount to enter, and simply enter the money to fill the card account. In a few seconds the terminal gives the desired card upon activating it. The card account contains the exact amount that the person has just entered to the terminal, and is ready to use. 

Gift cards - what, why, and how many? 

Gift cards and prepaid bank cards are today a rapidly growing market segment. For the last 10 years in the U.S. it has been gaining tens of percent annually, while the cards' popularity as a gift option is constantly growing. The Russian market is still lacking behind the U.S. one, however it is steadily following its footsteps. According to the forecast of consultants at A.T. Kearney, the turnover of funds on prepaid bank cards that can be sold through Yason in Russia will exceed 100 billion rubles by 2015. 

According to the consulting firm CEB TowerGroup, in 2013 the U.S. has sold gift cards worth more than $ 115 billion.  At least 1% of gift cards bought are and not used. Holders of one third of gift cards do not use 20% of the limit. According to the forecast of MasterCard, by 2017 Russia will enter the three European leaders for pre-paid bank cards. 58% of the holders of gift and prepaid bank cards do not use them during the first month. 

The 7 advantages of selling gift cards through Yason terminal: 

1. No hassle in selling gift cards - Yason is working automatically. All you need is to periodically collect money from the machine and replenish cards. All the rest it does itself, including transferring the sales data to your accounting system. 
2. You raise your image in the eyes of customers. Agree that a high-tech vending machine selling gift cards that is unique to the market is adding you points in the eyes of customers. 
3. You increase the sales of gift cards. When a person applies, for example, to a bank manager, he/she is concerned about the decision of a certain issue. It is the least likely that at this point he/she can think of buying a card, especially if there is a line behind. However in the hall he/she can safely go to the machine, easily study the range offered in a comfortable environment and buy the card he/she likes. 
4. You have new points of sales and customer contact. You can place a vending machine selling gift cards outside your office. For example, it may be located in airports or shopping malls. Thus, a person can buy your card, where it is more convenient for him/her, which significantly increases the probability of sales. 
5. You can give your card-selling vending machine the style of your trademark. We can make Yason of your corporate colours. Of course, you can always add your logo or any other inscription. 
6. You get an additional tool to increase profits. 
Part of the cells in the machine can be let for card sales of your partners. This gives you an additional source of income. 
7. You have a free advertising channel. You can place your advertising on the machine case, or show it on a transparent LCD screen, which is also Yason's showcase. 

Why should Yason bring your customers in wow? 

First, Yason looks impressive itself. It has a striking design, LED backlight, large transparent showcase, which is also the LCD-screen, touch-sensitive controls, and built-in audio system - this is something that no one can resist. Second, customers do not need to choose the appropriate denomination of the card. When buying, they fill the account with the amount they see appropriate. Third, you may enter money to the card account with the Yason in any convenient way - in cash or by a credit card. Fourth, all the cards are activated at the time of issuance by the machine, so you can use them immediately after the purchase. Fifth, customers are buying your cards where it is convenient for them, provided that Yason installed not only in your office or store. Sixth, customers are guaranteed to remember and distinguish you from the competitors. After all, who else can offer them a similar gift card selling machine? 

How Yason can help to be ahead of the competition?

Your customers are well aware of your competitors. Moreover, they are often using not only yours, but also their services. This gives rise to the question - for example, if the customer has credit cards of several banks in the wallet, the gift card of which of them he/she will eventually buy? Yason significantly increases the likelihood that it will be your card. Why? As a minimum, because it is much easier to buy your gift card than your competitor's one. And still do not forget about the WOW effect that accompanies any process of buying your cards. In addition, it is your card that the customer can buy exactly where it is more convenient for him/her - eg., at the mall, airport, or train station - as you can install Yason wherever you like. 
Can your competitors boast of this?

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