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SFOUR Company News

21.08.2020 - Invitation to ECOM EXPO 2020 read more

30.03.2020 - SFOUR completed the implementation of the Queue Management System (QMS) in MTS Bank read more

17.02.2020 - SFOUR solutions now have a feature for working with customer biometric data read more

29.12.2019 - Happy New Year 2020 from SFOUR read more

26.09.2019 - SFOUR invites to visit 11th International PLUS-Forum Cash Circulation + Self-service, Banking and Retail 2019 read more

12.09.2019 - SFOUR company invites you to visit its stand at the annual exhibition of suppliers YUM read more

30.07.2019 - SFOUR installed kiosks for orders in BurgerKing read more

18.04.2019 - SFOUR made installation of CDMs with cash recycling function read more

25.02.2019 - SFOUR finished development of coin deposit solution read more

20.01.2019 - SFOUR invites to IBEX 2019 read more

28.12.2018 - SFOUR wishes you a Happy New year! read more

16.11.2018 - SFOUR took part in the International PLUS-Forum Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail 2018 read more

12.10.2018 - SFOUR started cooperation with Innovative Technology a leading supplier of bills acceptor read more

01.10.2018 - SFOUR has successfully completed the certification of high-speed deposit module in the CB of Russia read more

18.09.2018 - SFOUR invites customers to visit the company's stand at the KFC supplier solutions exhibition read more

27.06.2018 - The SFOUR company introduced the ATM to exchange currency read more

10.04.2018 - SFOUR solutions were installed in KFC restaurants in Khazakhstan read more

25.01.2018 - Company SFOUR invites to the exhibition IBEX INDIA 2018 read more

29.12.2017 - Company SFOUR congratulates all clients and partners a happy New year 2018! read more

31.10.2017 - SFOUR company will take part in the exhibition Autocomplex read more

25.09.2017 - SFOUR invites to 9th International PLUS-Forum Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail 2017 read more

15.09.2017 - SFOUR invites to India Mobile Congress read more

18.07.2017 - SFOUR completed works on setting up the support MIR cards read more

20.06.2017 - SFOUR took part in the Russian Retail Week 2017 read more

26.05.2017 - SFOUR provided information kiosks solution to Russian Post read more

14.04.2017 - SFOUR takes part in the 4th International PLUS-Forum Online&Offline Retail 2017 read more

15.02.2017 - SFOUR has been certified for EMV Level 2 support read more

31.12.2016 - Company SFOUR congratulates all clients and partners a happy New year 2017! read more

23.12.2016 - Company SFOUR invites to the exhibition IBEX INDIA 2017 read more

23.11.2016 - Company SFOUR invites customers and partners to the exhibition and conference TRUSTECH-2016 read more

07.11.2016 - Company SFOUR took part in the 23rd Moscow international exhibition "AUTOCOMPLEX-2016" read more

30.09.2016 - SFOUR company invites clients and partners to 8th International PLUS-Forum read more

03.08.2016 - SFOUR company demonstrated a new model of the terminal Elegant read more

14.06.2016 - SFOUR has released a new model of recycling ATM read more

18.04.2016 - SFOUR took part in the 3rd International PLUS-Forum Online&Offline Retail 2016 read more

26.02.2016 - Company SFOUR invites to visit our stand at the exhibition FoodService IFFF Moscow 2016 read more

05.02.2016 - Company SFOUR invites partners to visit our stand at the XVI International Forum iFin-2016 read more

31.12.2015 - Company SFOUR congratulates all customers and partners happy New year 2016! read more

06.11.2015 - SFOUR took part in the 22nd Moscow International Exhibition AUTOCOMPLEX-2015 read more

26.10.2015 - SFOUR took part in the 7th International PLUS-Forum Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail 2015 read more

07.04.2015 - Replacement of cash acceptors according to the requirements of Bank of Russia read more

01.04.2015 - SFOUR at the 2-nd International PLAS-Forum 'Online & Offline Retail 2015' read more

25.03.2015 - SFOUR provides a full line of automated deposit machines (ADM) read more

24.02.2015 - SFOUR will participate in the Compass Plus conference on March 2-5, 2015 read more

13.02.2015 - Cash acceptors weaving update for protection against counterfeit bank notes read more

05.02.2015 - SFOUR at XV International Forum iFin-2015 read more

20.01.2015 - An automatic full cycle cash register SFOUR successfully operates in the Makita-Online store read more

23.12.2014 - Record of the webinar 'Solutions for automation of encashment in banks' read more

17.12.2014 - Record of the webinar 'Sale of insurance policies and customer service via SFOUR kiosks'. read more

03.12.2014 - We invite you to visit the webinar on the topic: 'Solutions for automation of encashment in banks' read more

02.12.2014 - On December 16 SFOUR invites to a webinar: 'Sale of insurance policies and customer service via SFOUR kiosks read more

24.11.2014 - SFOUR is presenting tobacco vending machine read more

17.11.2014 - SFOUR will take part in the XIII National Microfinance Conference on November 19-21, 2014 read more

31.10.2014 - SFOUR at "AutoComplex - 2014" read more

16.10.2014 - SFOUR took part in the international conference "Infotech. Utilities - 2014" read more

10.10.2014 - Since November 1, under the Central Bank's Directive, companies will be able to send their proceeds to automatic safe boxes read more

08.10.2014 - SFOUR at the 6th International PLUS Forum "Self-Service Banking, Retail, and Cash Circulation 2014", October 6-7, 2014 read more

26.09.2014 - SFOUR at PIR Expo 2014 read more

25.08.2014 - Introduction of the terminals to sell tickets to the cinema read more

22.08.2014 - We invite you to take part in the free webinar "How to be Successful in Selling Gift Cards?" September 11, 2014 read more

28.07.2014 - New Promo Event by SFOUR. All interested are welcome! read more

07.07.2014 - SFOUR Hi-Tech Terminals read more

09.06.2014 - SFOUR has given a webinar on "SFOUR Loan Terminal is Meeting 353-FZ Requirements" read more

21.05.2014 - SFOUR took part in the conference "DOCFLOW 2014" May 20, 2014 read more

20.05.2014 - SFOUR is inviting to take part in the Free Webinar on "Automatically Granted Loans with Complete Identification and Agreement Execution. Discussion of New Requirements for Loan Registration under 353-FZ of the Russian Federation." read more

14.04.2014 - We invite you to participate in SFOUR promotions read more

11.04.2014 - SFOUR will take part in the conference "Embedded Technologies 2014" on the 16 April 2014 read more

13.03.2014 - SFOUR Company held a webinar on automation of operations in the store read more

07.03.2014 - SFOUR Company presents a new terminal Eco Neo read more

03.03.2014 - The best prices for PIN pads SZZT 596E read more

10.02.2014 - SFOUR Company at the XIV International Forum iFin-2014 read more

28.01.2014 - New offer by the SFOUR Company! read more

16.01.2014 - SFOUR is taking part in the 14th International Forum iFin-2014, “Electronic financial services and technologies” read more

18.12.2013 - Winners of the SFOUR offer have won an Ipad read more

14.12.2013 - Company SFOUR wishes our clients and partners a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! read more

04.12.2013 - The SFOUR Company is offering a new vending machine for the sale of gift cards read more

12.11.2013 - Current versions of banknote receiver trim read more

26.10.2013 - SFOUR presented its loan machine at the XII National Conference on Microfinance and Financial Inclusion "Innovation and Consumer Protection - Implementing Client-Centric Approach" read more

25.10.2013 - The SFOUR Company at the 5th International PLAS-Forum, “Self-service banking, retail, and the NDO in 2013” read more

16.10.2013 - SFOUR will take part in the 12th National Conference on Microfinancing and Financial Access, “Innovations and Consumer Rights Protection—Focus on the Customer”, 23-25 October 2013 read more

08.10.2013 - The SFOUR Company invites you to take part in a banking conference read more

01.10.2013 - The SFOUR Company has automated information processes in governmental agencies in Kurgan using Tadpole information kiosks read more

26.09.2013 - SFOUR to take part in the 5th International PLAS-Forum, “Self-service Banking, Retail, and NDO 2013”, 21 and 22 October 2013 read more

17.09.2013 - SFOUR offers the new Stronghold ADM solution read more

10.09.2013 - Do not miss the new promotion event conducted by the SFOUR company! read more

04.09.2013 - The SFOUR company held a unique webinar on innovations for the automation of retail operations at retail outlets read more

27.08.2013 - The SFOUR company participated in the study on the protection of ATMs from fraudsters, which has been aired on the Russia 1 TV channel read more

21.08.2013 - We would like to invite you to take part in a free webinar, which will be held on September 4th, 2013 read more

12.08.2013 - SFOUR lending solution webinar is available to be viewed read more

07.08.2013 - SFOUR smart safes provide automatic cash collection in the re:Store chain read more

26.07.2013 - We would like to invite you to a free webinar to be held on August 8, 2013 read more

23.07.2013 - SFOUR reports on the start of sales of the self checkouts read more

16.07.2013 - Manage your cash with the help of the SFOUR solutions read more

10.07.2013 - SFOUR announces on the launch of a new campaign! read more

28.06.2013 - Replace your payment terminal with a new one from SFOUR: The offer is valid just for one more week! read more

14.06.2013 - New SFOUR Solutions webinar is now available for viewing read more

14.06.2013 - Trade-in campaign is extended until July read more

13.06.2013 - Don’t miss the video presentation of the SFOUR retail lending solution read more

23.05.2013 - SFOUR payment solutions adopts fiscal recorders successfully read more

22.05.2013 - The SFOUR invites you to a free webinar on 30 May 2013 read more

29.04.2013 - SFOUR at the international conference “Infotech.  Housing and Communal Services – 2013” read more

23.04.2013 - SFOUR queue management systems installed in Sberbank and Alpha Bank read more

22.04.2013 - SFOUR takes part in a conference on microfinancing read more

09.04.2013 - SFOUR receives accreditation from the CFT Group read more

04.04.2013 - The SFOUR Company has delivered a consignment of informational and payment terminals to the Central Russian and Ural bank, Sberbank of Russia, OJSC read more

25.03.2013 - The SFOUR Company offers a new terminal for issuing credit and loans read more

18.03.2013 - SFOUR at the international specialized exhibition EEVEX 2013 Terminals. ATMs. Kiosks. read more

04.03.2013 - Greetings from SFOUR on Spring Day! read more

28.02.2013 - SFOUR gets even closer to its customers! read more

19.02.2013 - Greetings from SFOUR to our clients and partners on Defender of the Fatherland Day! read more

22.01.2013 - SFOUR invites you to attend the iFin-2013 forum, "Electronic financial services and technology" read more

14.01.2013 - SFOUR installed payment system for Bank SIAB read more

19.12.2012 - Company SFOUR wishes our clients and partners a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! read more

18.12.2012 - SFOUR installed a network of payment terminals Eco for Rosinterbank successfully read more

22.11.2012 - SFOUR Company announces the start of sales of smart – cashboxes Cadis read more

04.08.2012 - SFOUR company received certificate of compliance for EU standards CE read more

17.07.2012 - SFOUR company delivers and installs a network of information kiosks for the West Ural Bank of Sberbank read more

20.04.2012 - SFOUR took part in webinar about online payment solutions for utility and managing companies read more

20.04.2012 - SFOUR company made a project of queuing system installation if Russian Standard bank read more

10.01.2012 - SFOUR took part in 3d International Forum 2011 "Banking self-servicem, retail and NDO" read more

10.01.2012 - SFOUR took part in International Exhibition SSE-Terminals.ATM.Kiosks.2011 read more

10.01.2012 - Happy New Year! read more

10.01.2012 - SFOUR will take part in XII International Forum iFin-2012 "Electronic financial services and technologies" read more

10.01.2012 - SFOUR will take part in the biggest information technologies exhibition Cebit-2012 read more

22.09.2011 - SFOUR made a project of distance banking service provision for Home Credit and Finance Bank read more

22.09.2011 - SFOUR company won a tender for self-service payment terminal for bank Agrosoyuz read more

22.09.2011 - SFOUR took part in Kinoexpo-2011 exhibition read more

26.06.2011 - SFOUR company has executed a project for Bank Prohladniy read more

05.05.2011 - Company SFOUR has completed a project on the delivery queue management system read more

05.05.2011 - SFOUR company develop the solution for saling buses tickets read more

05.05.2011 - Company SFOUR congratulates all our customers and partners with the Victory Day May 9! read more

20.02.2011 - Company SFOUR participated XVI International Forum Developer of integrated banking systems read more

20.02.2011 - Company SFOUR take part in the International Exhibition Cebit-2011 and invites customers and partners to visit the stand read more

06.06.2010 - Company SFOUR participates in the X International Forum iFin-2010 read more

06.06.2010 - Company SFOUR starts PTK SPARK 110K sales read more

06.06.2010 - SFOUR software solution was sertified by card processing SmartVista read more

06.06.2010 - Company SFOUR makes payment solution project in Kyrgyzstan read more

06.06.2010 - Company SFOUR begins project with Orient Exspress Bank read more

20.10.2009 - SFOUR developed a project with transport cards use read more

29.08.2009 - SFOUR offers fiscal registrator based on printer Star TUP 992 read more

29.08.2009 - SFOUR company offers new type of vending machine for pizza sale SFOUR Pizzamat read more

28.07.2009 - Company SFOUR recognized as one of the winners of suppliers of payment terminals for the Sberank of Russia read more

28.06.2009 - Company SFOUR was certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 read more

04.03.2009 - Company SFOUR participates in the IX International Forum iFin-2009 read more

23.02.2009 - Company SFOUR congratulations to February 23! read more

10.09.2008 - Company SFOUR successfully completed the development of new software for payment terminals SFOUR PayBox and new versions of system monitoring and control network terminal SFOUR EventWatch read more

10.09.2008 - Company SFOUR implemented a project on a network of terminals Ticket read more

26.05.2008 - Seminar for the banks' development of networks of self-bank clients on the basis of payment terminals, planning, implementation and upgrading read more

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