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The bank infrastructure development is one of the main factors influencing the choice of the customer. In addition to the availability of large number of bank branches and convenient hours of operating cash desks work, the potential customer is interested in using the maximize opportunities of the self-service networks (ATM, VTM, cash dispensers, informative and payment terminals).

Models of ATMs

Arete Arete ATMInwall built in

SFOUR offerd as Cash-Out and Cash-In/Cash-Out ATMs, as ATMs with recycling function.

SFOUR Company solution

Currently, SFOUR Company offers a complete line of the self-service devices for banks and financial institutions, including cash dispensers, bank payment terminals and informative kiosks for installation in the bank or on the street.

SFOUR Company offers a comprehensive solution that allows developing and offering the customers the widest range of the payment services on one hardware and software platform. Depending on the customer’s needs, SFOUR Company solution may be equipped with a touch screen, cash acceptor, card dispenser, NFC module, etc. In the interests of the bank partners, the cash dispenser can be equipped with an additional screen for advertising.

ATM and terminal software:

Optional model of the transactions monitoring of the ATM and terminals SFOUR EventWatch:

SFOUR Company offers models of SFOUR Arete and SFOUR Inwall ATMs

Basic equipment:

Optional accessories:

Special elements:

Video monitoring:

Safety systems:



The front panel manufactured of steel with width of 2mm represents a very suitable user’s workspace. This terminal will perfectly match with bank offices, hotels, cinemas, and commercial centers interiors; anywhere, where image is a pressing factor.



Elegant kiosk allows providing 1st class customer services for financial institutions, retailers and service companies. Its large touchscreen is able to display a great variety of goods and services to the customers, speeds up the choice which result in a one-minute checkout. The kiosk can fit in the projects which demand special design.

Arete ATM

Arete ATM

SFOUR Arete ATM is equipped with a super productive cash recycler, which optimizes operating this self-service machine by using the same cash boxes for cash-in and cash-out operations.



The terminal is suited for projects that need a simple and effective solution for receiving payments. The terminal is easy to service thanks to the modular organization of parts and a separate access to the major sites.

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